Innovating with cutting-edge technology to identify IEDs

The Challenge

Innovating With Cutting-Edge Technology to Identify IEDs

Enable the identification and apprehension of terrorists who plant IEDs in the theater of action.

Innovative integration of AWS object and facial recognition

The Results

We worked with Amazon Web Services Public Sector group to design and develop a working mobile application prototype that uses AI and machine learning tools, SageMaker and Rekognition to identify suspected IEDs.

The app imports a photograph of a potential IED and determines if it matches the characteristics of a known explosive. Once an IED is confirmed, the app uses location information to search footage from nearby security cameras and other video feeds.

The app then uses facial recognition technology to identify a person of interest in the footage. It then tracks and predicts the individual’s movement on a map. Users can pause video footage and select previously unknown people as suspects This creates a “web” of interaction from the time an IED is dropped to other potential people of interest.

Innovative integration of AWS object and facial recognition

Service Offerings

Services Used

Technology Used

  • AWS Rekognition
  • AWS Sagemaker
  • AWS Batch
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS S3
  • Tensorflow
  • Tensorflow Lite
  • MobileNet and ResNet Convolutional Neural Networks

Emerging Technologies: Object and Facial Recognition

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