Transforming Performance Review and Career Planning

Application Design and Development

The Challenge

Reimagining a 40-year-old process for the digital age

The Air Force’s Personnel division turned to Isobar to design a better system for facilitating their annual performance reviews. Their old paper- and folder-based process had long since become a monumental challenge to manage across different commands and continents.

50%+ time savings in performance review preparation

The Results

We recreated a virtual version of the Air Force’s “three stack” convention, making document review and performance rating as simple as a few clicks, greatly speeding up the review process. Around this, we added administrative capabilities to vastly improve the board- and ballot-assignment and document-management processes.

In addition, we developed a streamlined promotion system that featured flexible document review options allowing each reviewer to customize their experience as well as a career planning feature offers the ability to place candidates in needed schooling or other training. The new system, Electronic Board Operations Support System (eBOSS), quickly became the standard-bearer in the USAF for the benefits of user-focused design.

50%+ time savings in performance review preparation

Services Used

Technology Used

  • AWS Beanstalk and RDS (SQLServer)
  • Jenkins
  • Tomcat
  • SpringBoot
  • CloudFormation

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