Using Augmented Reality to Chart the Future of Aircraft Maintenance

Emerging Technology: Augmented Reality

AR Challenge

The Challenge

USAF invited us to build a prototype using AR technology and develop a future-state concept to show the art of the possible for using AR aircraft maintenance training.

AR Result

The integration of real-time data with multiple emerging tech concepts.

The Results

We used the new Microsoft’s Hololens medium to explore and visualize future-facing concept focused on aspects of the LEWSCI Vignette using a lean “MVP” approach. Our goal was to demonstrate how emerging technologies may be combined to assist personnel in maintenance and logistics tasks. Our prototype solution is untethered and incorporates a variety of technologies that offer augmented reality experiences with a greater degree of detail than previously seen.

Ultimately, our successful prototype integrated real-time data with multiple emerging tech concepts including artificial Intelligence and machine vision, conversational agents, natural language understanding as well as 3D visualization and animation.


The integration of real-time data with multiple emerging tech concepts.

Service Offerings

Services Used

Technology Used

  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Unity

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